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5 Ways To Become More Engaged With Your Fans On Facebook

Facebook doesn’t have to be this scary place for small business marketers, but you do need to know what you’re doing otherwise you’ll get chewed up and spat out world day themes. Here are a  few fundamentals you should always stick to because they’ll help you see great success  if you keep working hard.
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You have to be relevant

Do you remember that thing that happened a Hostgator Black Friday few years ago? Me neither, because the past is the past and it’s not relevant anymore. How angry do you get when they start putting Christmas adverts on the television months before the holiday season? world day themes 2017
Or you must be mad when they start selling Easter eggs straight after Christmas? Sometimes it’s not even about time and it’s simply about putting something in front of someone they’re interested in, so just make sure your posts are relevant and you’ll do great


Boring is not an option

When someone is boring you stop listening to them. If someone is already a member of your fan page they will start to ignore your posts when they show up in their feed. After a while they won’t even notice them because it will be the same as white noise. Create a little controversy if you don’t want to be boring. You can also try to be funny, but make sure you’re funny to begin with otherwise your posts might have the complete opposite affect on most people.

Get their emotions going

We’ve already talked about creating controversy, but let’s go a little bit deeper to look at why this works. You’re trying to get some kind of reaction out of people by playing with their emotions. A lot of the time you’ll find your fans will react more to negative emotions like anxiety and fear, but they won’t care too much about happiness and thankfulness. You will have to play around with different types of posts to see what gets your audience worked up the most.

Try to be visual

Your Facebook fans love anything visual and you’ve got to be able to give it to them. I don’t care what niche you’re in because you can always think of ways to connect with your audience through great photos. Even if you had a fan page for all those people who wear orthopedic shoes you could take photos of all your new designs and you could make beautiful videos explaining the benefits of them. You’ve just got to be creative and once the ideas start flowing they’ll not stop.

Always ask for something

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of asking for something every time you post on Facebook. If you get your fans to start following simple commands they’ll be more likely to click through when you ask them to buy something. In the beginning you just need to ask them to post a comment or share your post. Once you build up a better relationship with them you can start asking for more and more until you eventually start asking for their money.

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