Best credits for housing construction 2019

Choosing among the best loans for housing construction 2019 to build the home, everything will depend on the money they need in addition to the factors such as terms, interest rate, and commissions and expenses. So they can compare and choose which one suits them.

Best credits for housing construction 2019

Best credits for housing construction 2019

Those who need to build housing and are looking for a loan for housing construction 2019, even this type of credits allows remodeling the house, so the best credits for housing construction have more than one utility.

What are housing construction credits?

Home construction loans are one of the mortgage loans that banks and other financial institutions offer to build or remodel a private home.

Something to consider is that it is usually a type of short-term credit, with the advantage of not having to return the amount of the credit, at least not until the end of the construction of the house, although it is something that each bank establishes or not in The home construction loan.

Best credits for housing construction 2019: Good Finance

Best credits for housing construction 2019: Good Finance

The credit for construction of Good Finance has the financing option, one option allows to buy the land and the other for the construction of the house for this case, Good Finance has financing at the end of the construction or as the construction of the construction is carried out. living place.

Good Finance Construction

The Good Finance Construcción Mortgage Credit was created to allow the construction of housing since it allows financing the purchase of the land, and the construction project.


  • Maximum Credit Amount: up to 80% of the total value of the project
  • Minimum Credit Amount: UF 1,000
  • Minimum appraisal value of the completed project 4,000 UF (Metropolitan Region) and UF 3,000 UF in regions
  • Exclusive for Good Finance Current Account
  • Minimum income of UF 100

How to Operate

  • Land purchase financing
  • Construction Financing
  • Liaison credits as the construction project progress. They can choose to apply for this type of credit by paying monthly interest and capital at the end of construction or simply paying both (capital and interest) at the end.
  • Mortgage credit granted at the end of construction, to cancel all liaison loans granted and land financing if included.

To be a beneficiary of this type of credit, they must be a customer of the Good Finance Current Account.

Best credits for housing construction 2019: Good Credit

The Good Credit has two types of financing since it grants liaison credits, it is financed during the housing construction project. As well as mutual mortgage loans, to meet the payment of liabilities.


For this credit, it is a requirement to have the land to build, because they do not grant credits to finance their acquisition.


  • Highly competitive dividend
  • Convenient fire, earthquake and relief insurance.
  • You can choose to pay dividends with an automatic current account charge.
  • Permanent expert advice.


It offers two types of financing:

  • Liaison credits are disbursed as the construction project progresses.
  • Mutual Mortgage granted at the end of construction and with which all liaison credits are paid.

Start paying when construction ends.


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