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Mobile SEO

With mobile search catching fire, Mobile Search Engine Optimization is getting all-the-rage for a successful digital marketing future. According to a survey, search results on a smartphone can fluctuate by 85% as compared to a desktop. So, if you have been using historical SEO techniques, it is definitely not going to fetch you good results.


Powerful SEO strategies and Hostgator Black Friday 2016 approaches are the solution to exploit the fast growing opportunities in mobile space…


With Mobile SEO, you can connect with your target audience, engage with them, capture their thoughts and endow them with apt products, solutions & information. You get the opportunity to bond with them via smartphones, tablets and other mobile  devices. This allows you to understand your customers more deeply than ever before.

Delivering Comprehensive & Efficacious Mobile SEO services…

At NetTechSEO, we provide mobile specific SEO recommendations that are custom tailored as per specific requirements, so as to drive more visibility, more traffic and conversations on mobile devices. Our Mobile SEO services embrace competitive analysis, strategy making, keyword research, content SEO, link building and analytics.

Our Mobile SEO services in Mumbai and Bangalore not only allows people to move a step further in this search process, but also to take an action whenever and wherever required, be it inside a car, a mall, any store or even at Christmas eve.

We strive to create mobile websites that are targeted for success at the launch.

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Online Reputation Management- Counting Your Online Presence

Are you looking for the best online reputation management tool? When you seek the services of an online marketing firm, you need to see their capacity to provide these functions. Your website reviews by the users are the tools to analyze where your business go. If you are into social media, then it is the right time to make a sincere effort in tracking about what is being said online. Brand perception by the customer can be assessed how well they review your products and services.

As a business owner, it is your task to bring prospective customers and retain them. You cannot gauge the customer mind until and unless there are effective Social Media Competitive Intelligence tools deployed. There are companies of small and large sizes that are successfully operating its business by churning revenue online. They already found the fact that the best way to make business is through online reputation management tool.

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What are the tools by which you can easily respond to the consumer’s preferences? Here are some tools for effective reputation management.

Google Alerts– Google products has always been a successful tool to read the pulse of the consumers. You can subscribe to Google alerts to learn how the consumer react to your branding strategies. Many companies have earned reputation through this Social Media Competitive Analysis technique. With this tool installed, all you need is to type your brand and read out what the consumers talk about.

Twilert– Twitter is an established social marketing tool today. People are very free to express their comments and views about personal and professional subjects freely. If you need to see what the mood of the customer is dominating online of your particular brand, analyze the social competence with this tool.

Social Mention– This is another influential tool used in social media competitive intelligence. You can know if the social signals are right. See the data processed about your brand is accurate to read the pulse. It’s a free tool to feel the market sentiment.

Klout– When it comes to capturing the market, you have to be proactive. This is an aggressive social media tool to see the side-talking of your brand. Klout scores are considered genuine. Reviews of millions of visitors are reviewed. You can create a profile and get the social media analytics. Numbers between 1-100, as Klout says, are really valuable. It says how worth you are in creating online reputation.

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Search Engine Optimization

For many entrepreneurs, having an online presence is just about engaging with target audience and having a website ranked on a search engine. However, for a business to get recognized by huge online community, it is very crucial to bring into play the right opportunities for building acquisitions for leads, enquiries and sales. And SEO provides the boost that a website requires.


At NetTechSEO, we offer premium and powerful search engine optimization features in Mumbai and Bangalore that assure an improved search engine ranking, result oriented link building and unmatched social media marketing at very competitive rates.

We build websites that audience like visiting and search engines like crawling… 

We not only merge various features of SEO and internet marketing to deliver best results, but also customize our services to fit the needs of our customers, their business and budget. Initially, we research and explore about the business and then the keywords that should be targeted.

Customers receive regular and detailed updates on the website’s rankings and traffic to get a clear picture. All our strategies are intended for providing increased traffic, better search engine rankings and more sales in the long run.

We also deal with Local SEO or city specific services in Mumbai and Bangalore that include keyword research, producing high quality content and many other technical aspects that ensure effective results. We endow our clients with tailor made strategies depending on our extensive research and analysis, so as to provide long lasting results.